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Chubby Raichu appreciation post




A masterpost on things that you could use to do better in school, and maybe to cheat just a little bit. 

Didn’t Listen In Class?  
Crash Course
Khan Academy
Best Damn Tutoring
The Video Math Tutor
Calculators & Solvers 
Square Root Calculator
Cube Root Calculator
Expression Simplifier
Multi Step Equation Calculator
Slope Intercept Equation Maker
Mathway (this can solve almost anything)
Chemical Equation Balancer
DESMOS Graphing Calculator
Didn’t Read That Book? 
Citing Sources 
Arts Department (Art, Choir, Band) P.S I take art so I’ll have the most resources for that
Instrument Tuner
How To Read A Painting
Mark Crilley Art Tutorials (mostly manga but with some realism)
Sophie Chan (mostly manga)
Oil Painting Techniques
General Tips and Tricks 
Change the time in an email (gmail), for due dates and all
Block Websites for a specific amount of time
Note-Taking Techniques
That’s all. It’s not a lot but I guess it will help. This is my first masterpost and I hope you like it. If any of the links don’t work, just message me. 

Reblog for my followers still in school. That place was a bitch.



A masterpost on things that you could use to do better in school, and maybe to cheat just a little bit. 

Didn’t Listen In Class?  

Calculators & Solvers 

Didn’t Read That Book? 

Citing Sources 

Arts Department (Art, Choir, Band) P.S I take art so I’ll have the most resources for that

General Tips and Tricks 

That’s all. It’s not a lot but I guess it will help. This is my first masterpost and I hope you like it. If any of the links don’t work, just message me. 

Reblog for my followers still in school. That place was a bitch.


We were proposing our thesis topics today and one girl wanted to do a book about schizophrenia. Another girl said she shouldn’t do that cause it could be triggering to people who have it.

Lol it’s easy to spot the tumblr user of the group.

Also laughing that she thinks schizophrenia can be triggered.

Pfffff hahahaha what

When you’re a paranoid schizophrenic, wet floor signs and mail carriers can be ‘triggering’

You can’t rule in or out triggers for a mental illness that can literally be triggered by anything. So anyone saying “oh that would be triggering for them” is full of shit.


I feel like a lot of tumblr could be added to this





There’s strong evidence that Anita Sarkeesian’s death threats were from herself

There are people who actually believed this? This isn’t the first time she fakes raids or treaths and won’t be the last.

Did you really just link to THAT site? Like, read some of the other articles on there….

"In my own attempt at affecting positive change, I have begun to bring less attractive girls to my beach and fucking them (occasionally), and allowing them to smoke cigarettes from my third floor balcony for all to see, so that the hotter girls get the picture that they are absolutely unimportant in my eyes. I have lots of money and land, so what do I care; if they can’t cook and look after kids, they’re all the same to me. Either way, as the simulation showed, the hot ones will always be clawing at our gate, eagerly awaiting their time in the sun." 

Oh. and don’t forget to read this gem

Yep and even after looking at their other articles. Aaaand just previously I had linked to a Fox News article even though I truly despise the majority of their reporting. But that doesn’t change my views on this particular article because all the other news sites are too busy white knighting to say anything different.

Eh, I may understand Fox News at least they’re kind of news, but Return of Kings is pretty much the scummiest manifestation of red pilling imaginable.

It would do us well to investigate this further and report our findings on a more fair website.

But then again, everyone in media automatically comes to the defense of the Reichstag arsoni- I mean, Anita.

キルラキル Blu-ray & DVD covers



"Researchers at the University of Western Australia decided to revamp the way they studied Viking remains. Previously, researchers had misidentified skeletons as male simply because they were buried with their swords and shields. (Female remains were identified by their oval brooches, and not much else.) By studying osteological signs of gender within the bones themselves, researchers discovered that approximately half of the remains were actually female warriors, given a proper burial with their weapons.”

Women have always fought. We have always been there, ‘contributing to history’. Our own, modern sexism contributes to the erasure of it.

(Bolding mine)

Are you sure it’s a full on sexist conspiracy instead of a lack of awareness?

Because it’s not like we have a top-notch education system or anything.

Perhaps in generations past, with interpretive Christianity and Confucianism, there was a concerted effort to relegate women to a domestic status

But seriously, to say that system is willfully enforced now is pretty stupid.

I mean, people still think Pearl Harbor was attacked by kamikazes when in reality, special attack units weren’t used by Japan in any war until early 1945. Doesn’t mean there’s anti-Japanese education in the US. People are just fucking stupid.

tarkara I’ve wanted an Xperia for years now.

Right now I have a Motorola Photon Q. It has a physical keyboard and I swear by this feature, but these things apparently drop like flies for no apparent reason.

My best friend had one, and it ended up breaking three months after I got mine. He never dropped it or got it wet or anything. One day it just stopped booting.

I’m hoping they can make decent small bluetooth physical keyboards you can clip onto a phone someday. I know we’re most likely switching from Sprint after our contract is up so I’m hoping to go AT&T or even one of those bring your phone deals with a SIM card and just buying an Xperia.

As far as the whole dress code thing goes, all I can say is wow. I'm seventeen and a senior in high school in Texas, and I can say that the strict dress code is insane. I don't think you're aware of what modern day dress codes are like and how inconvenient it is because it's not easy to find clothing that's appropriate for school in this heat. Dress codes nowadays are sexist and are somewhat unreasonable. We know how to dress in a professional environment we're not idiots like adults think......


You’re just as capable today of wearing the same level of lack of clothing that I got away with, and I didn’t exactly dress conservatively when I was in high schoolIt is not that fucking hard to cover your fucking midriff, and not have your ass hanging out the bottom of your fucking shorts or skirt.  And bullshit that it’s somehow “not easy” to find clothes that don’t go against school policy, because that is the biggest load of shit that I’ve ever heard.  You’re not entitled to dress how YOU want to, hon, and extra inches of skin are not going to keep you any cooler than clothing that adheres to the dress code.  And when it comes to wearing certain styles of clothing (i.e., lolita, fairy kei, etc.), it’s still not that fucking difficult to stick to the guidelines, and besides that, IT’S A SCHOOL.  IT’S NOT A FUCKING FASHION SHOW.  Is it really suffocating your spirit that goddamn much to follow some fairly simple rules for a few hours a day?  Really?  And if so, how are you even going to cope with life?  For fuck’s sake, it’s no wonder you idiot kids can’t even tell the goddamn difference between “they’re”, “their”, and “there”.  You’re too fucking full of yourselves for any actual education to penetrate your thick little goddamn skulls.

Be thankful that your school allows you to wear your own clothes in the first place.  Many schools require uniforms that don’t change throughout the year (as in, with complete disregard for the changing seasons).  This includes schools that have sweaters as part of their uniform.  Also, school uniforms don’t tend to follow the current trends, and I’ve seen more than a few that were downright hideousYou’ve already got it better than you think, so fucking appreciate it, you entitled little snot.

Go on - Keep on complaining about not being able to dress like someone that would be more at home serving buffalo wings in orange shorts when you’re pretty goddamn lucky not to have to wear uniforms like the majority of schools the world over.  Maybe you’ll get to piss your entire school off by being the reason they suddenly start using uniforms.

You’re there to learnStop trying to use “feminism” and “sexism” as an excuse to go against the already fairly limited rules that are set before you.  If you can’t respect the rules of a place you have no authority over, then YOU are the problem.  The world doesn’t owe you jack shit, kid, and it’s no one’s responsibility to change their set rules just to make YOU happy.



My Phat 1/8 scale of Ryuko has also arrived! It was surprisingly hard to assemble, but looks pretty cool. There are two swords, normal one and “decapitation mode”, which is much longer. Also you might notice an exclusive Trigger store bonus, which is a RyuMako illustration by Sushio.

I have had this ordered but Crunchyroll has delayed my order till October 31st and has not replied to my request for an explanation as to why, pretty pissed.

I ordered the nendos through CR. I’m looking at everyone getting theirs this past week and I’m like “lol I haven’t even gotten an email wtf”